2013 Powertec LeverGym Feedback

If you have been following our Facebook or Twitter, you would have seen our recent post on the arrival of the 2013 Powertec LeverGym with iso lateral arms. Naturally I gave it a huge wrap, basically saying it was a new twist on a tried and tested design.

So here is another perspective from someone who is not so highly biased toward Powertec gym equipment.

This is what Andrea had to say about her new Powertec multi gym:

Hey Matt

Just let you know my gym has arrived its all up and running and its awesome!! Thank you. You mentioned something about the pulley not being with it? it is here everythings there except the Cable row handle. The one thing I love to use.

Cheers Andrea

Powertec LeverGym

In the email Andrea mentions the cable row handle not being there – just like to point out that we do run out of these from time to time because our home gym package deals have been going nuts lately. But always rest assured that they always get sent as soon as they arrive. Plus in the mean time it will make you do barbell rows on the lever arm – probably our favourite back exercise across all machines.

Powertec LeverGym with Iso Lateral Arms

The 2013 Powertec LeverGym marked the introduction of the iso lateral arms. This is a long awaited upgrade in the home gym community. These gyms already had the commercial feel. Now with independent arms it feels even better.

Splitting the arms allows you to address muscle imbalances. But the best fun is that we are all feverishly playing with the new toy. We are working out new exercises and variations. One arm rows are definite favourite so far.

Please do not worry about the construction of the arms. The 3mm thick used makes the latest LeverGym a tank!