Dave’s Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Accessory

We have known Dave for quite afew years now, I remember the day Sam and I drove down to Windang to set up his new home gym. Now to say Dave is serious about his weight training would be an understatement. Dave lives and breathes weight training. You can certainly tell once you have seen all of his gym equipment and spoken to Dave that he also knows what he is on about.

Making Space

He purchased the Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Accessory so that he could get rid of his Lat Machine. So he could fill his home gym up with more equipment. After only a couple of days we heard back from Dave. He was extremely happy with his purchase and wrote a small review for you all to read.

Dave’s Powertec Lat Tower Review

I recently purchased The Powertec Lat Attachment and i have to say it is a fantastic product. I have bought a lot of  Powertec equipment from Sams Fitness over the last 3-5yrs. and it has all been great value. But above all its has been ideal for serious training with heavy weight and The Lat Attachment is no different.

I have put together a serious home gym comprising of:

  • Powertec Workbench MultiSystem
  • Powertec Leg Sled
  • Powertec Shape System
  • Powertec Leverage Pec Fly/Delt
  • Powertec Lat Tower
  • Powertec T-Bar Row
  • Iron Master Quick Lock Dumbbells.

I fit all this into a single car garage. I decided i wanted to add a Power Rack so obviously something had to go. So i reluctantly parted with the lat tower and T-bar.

Wasnt long before i missed them so i gave Matt and Sam a call. As always they came to my aid with the perfect solution, another great Powertec product. The Perfect solution where space is a premium concern. Because the tower attaches to your existing bench it virtualy has a zero footprint (only adding a bout 60cm to length of bench.. Pretty much average persons legroom).

All of Powertecs equipment stand up to serious training and handles heavy weight. Personally I have benched 205kg and sqatted 320kg on the Workbench without a spotter with complete safety and confidence.

Putting It To The Test

The Powertec Lat attachment is  no different and though it is compact it is just as sturdy as the stand alone lat tower(perhaps even more so). I have used 150kg on the seated row and the action was very smooth and stable. I’m sure it would hanle 180kg just as well. It has a full range of motion on both pulldown and row. With a great stretch on both. Powertec kicks arse once more and again Sam and Matt come through with great advice and service. Dave

Powertec Workbench Lat Tower Accessory Wollongong