Mikes Ironmaster Home Gym Equipment

Just before Christmas Mike rang up and purchased some Ironmaster gym equipment for his home gym. As you can see he is pretty impressed!

This is what Mike had to say:

“I received my order today and I just wanted to say thanks Matthew, Sam and to all Sam’s Fitness team. I am more than happy with my decision of purchasing these items, the build quality is remarkable, this is what I was expecting and it did not let me down. I love the quick lock dumbbells, it’s a very quick transition when you are changing weights and you could use it as your rest period. The super bench is my fourth FID bench and the second cheapest bench I have purchased, the only down side is that you need to purchase the crunch attachment for decline (for decline bench press) but who bloody cares… beats going to a gym with other people and listening to shit music. I now have a complete home gym set up, once again thank you.”

One thing I hate people asking me on the phone is “how good is the equipment” – well I always say you have asked the wrong person because I obviously love it!

It is one of the down sides to selling gym equipment on the internet and people cant try before they buy. You would expect that when asked such a question, the retailer would at least be some what honest in their appraisal. But after some of the stories customers tell us this is not the case.

The good thing with Ironmaster gear is you can research online as it is sold around the world. However I would add that a lot of reviews are written by Americans who have a tendancy to complain about everything. I once read where some guy was annoyed at how well the Ironmaster dumbbells were packaged! So if there are any reviews that give you second thoughts just let me know and I will offer my view supported by evidence – here is my IM1500 Half Rack Review.

What sums up Sam’s Fitness equipment in Mike’s review is that the Ironmaster Super Bench was his fourth, but the second cheapest. All the stuff we sell is good quality and very reasonably priced – that is why I have been so choosey with which suppliers that we stock.

Ironmaster Gym Equipment