Lee Priest Shoulder Workout #5 – Barbell Shrugs

Powertec Power Rack

Finally, the fifth workout video in our series, we see Lee doing some barbell shrugs on the Powertec Power Rack.

One of the things Lee Priest is renowned for is using good form, so take careful note of this as you’ll see he doesn’t bring his biceps into play by trying to lift the weight with his arms at all. When done correctly, this movement really works the Traps (the Trapezius muscle runs straight down your spine from the base of your neck) and is a perfect compliment to any rear deltoid or back workout.

Unfortunately though it is one exercise where most of us have gone overboard with too much weight. Watch how Lee minimises the weight used and instead, keeps his form throughout the movement. I have seen guys that are a quarter the size of Lee using 3 times as much weight. But you can see that Lee doesn’t go overboard here. Controlled form with a full range of motion does the trick.

This is the last exercise in Lee’s bodybuilder shoulder workout series. We hope you enjoyed them and stay tuned for the next workout!