Spud Upper Body Sled Strap

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Build up your upper body, improve your leg strength & do cardio work all at once! A highly versatile piece of kit that you will find many uses for, not just with pulling sleds.

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I have mentioned many times how I can’t stand traditional cardio workouts like treadmills or exercise bikes. I get bored! So when I saw the Spud Inc Upper Body Sled Strap I thought this is exactly what I need.

What I like about it is that you can hit so many body parts while getting in some decent cardio work. You don’t need a room full of gym equipment, just get your sled and upper body strap and perform a circuit of exercises.

When I saw the magic carpet cardio video from Spud it really got my juices flowing on how I would set up a workout. Basically, just alternate between push and pull exercises. Start out with more isolating movements like pec fly & rear delts, and finish off with rowing and pressing movements. 

Do not think for a minute that just because it says Upper Body that the legs miss out during these workouts. Whether you are pushing or pulling, your legs are working too! So a few laps with this and you hit the upper body, legs, and cardio.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

If you don’t have a sled, don’t stress. All you need is the Spud Sled Attachment Strap and grab a standard truck tire. We have got some spare at the warehouse, or if you cruise through your local industrial area you will be sure to find some. The advantage of using a tire is that you can belt it with a sledgehammer as another exercise in your circuit.

As you can see from the videos there are no concerns with durability – these will take any punishment you can dish out to them. Plus the nylon is surprisingly soft for its durability so you won’t tear your hands to shreds.

Product Specifications

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Yellow, Black


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