Dave’s Home Gym In Wollongong

Dave may have the best home gym in Wollongong. He certainly is happy with it.  Dave loves his weight training and has got the ultimate bodybuilding home gym. This combination is great because it has a mixture of free weights with the Ironmaster Dumbbells plus all the great compound exercises in leverage format. To top it off, the Powertec Leg Sled gives you great variety for leg development.

p-cls14 Powertec Compact Leg Sled

Dave’s Home Gym Review

I recently purchased a Powertec Workbench Multi-system, Powertec Compact Leg-sled, and Ironmaster Quick-lock Dumbbells from Sams Fitness. Not only did they help me put together the ultimate gym package for my means and budget but they also gave me a great deal as well.

They even travelled down from Sydney to Wollongong and put the whole thing together for me and the service didn’t stop there. The after sales service has been great with the boys giving me free advice on diet, training and supplements.

But best of all is the equipment it self, by far the best I have ever owned. I have trained on and off for 30 years and owned all sorts of Home Gyms, Power Racks, Benches and Smiths Machines and the Powertec Workbench Multi-system beats them all hands down.

I work out alone and can bench 350lb with total confidence and safety. There is no need of a spotter due to its superior design. Plus I know that the unit can handle 500lb on the Benchpress. The squat rack is another awesome feature. Again it is built to handle 500lb. It’s design takes all the strain of the lower back and focuses it on the legs which is great for me as I have a bad back. It also has a calf block which I love.

The Multi-system has many other features that make it the best home gym on the market.

My second favourate piece of equipment is the Powertec Compact Leg Sled as the name suggests, its compact and doesn’t take up much more room than an elliptical yet its built to handle a 1000lb. As well as 45 degree leg presses you can do lunges. and the calf raises are great.

The Ironmaster Quick-lock dumbells are brilliant too ranging from 5-120lb they take up the space of a bed side table. I fit all this equipment into a 1 car garage and still had room for an elliptical, bikes and I could still squeeze a Powertec shape system in or a Ironmaster Super Bench.

If I do I know who to see, the boys at Sams Fitness ; Matt and Sam. I highly recommend Sams Fitness for their products, service and customer care. And I recommend Powertec and Ironmaster products for their safety, quality ,reliability, durability and design to anyone serious about training.

Kind Regards David Haynes now with the best home gym in Wollongong! (a very satisfied customer)

As you can see, the Powertec and Ironmaster gear is a very much loved part of Dave’s workout lifestyle. Believe it or not, he is still coming these days to pick up more gear. Thank you very much for those kind words Dave. Look forward to catching up soon.