Rafs DIY T-Bar Row Mod for his Powertec LeverGym

A while back I helped Raf from Belgium with an assembly issue he had with his Powertec LeverGym. He just sent me through a cool DIY mod he has done so he can do t-bar rows on his Leverage Gym. Modifying gym equipment is one of the cool parts of home weight training.

Here is what Raf had to say:

Hi Sam,

A couple of months ago, you really helped me out with the alignment issues of my leverage gym.
I remember you said something about your facebook page, but since I don’t have one, I’ll share it this way.

I’ve always been a big fan of T-bar rows, but due to lack of space I cannot buy a dedicated t-bar row machine for it.
There are several cost-free ways to do them with a simple barbell and weight plates, but I wanted to make a DIY t-bar row attachment for the leverage gym just for  the added security of a fixed barbell.  My home gym has a wooden floor, so a small mistake can leave quite a mark

This is what I made with some basic stuff from the hardware store.  The frame itself are 2 frames bolted together, that are normally used for fixing wooden beams.  The “leverage” part is a hinge for a window shutter. 

Rafs DIY T-Bar Row Attachment with window frame brackets

I’ve used some spare powertec fasteners to fix the bar in.  I’ve removed some of the plastic material, so that I have enough thread to secure the bar. In Europe we have metric thread as opposed to imperial in the US. So it I needed to use the powertec fasterners.

Rafs custom T-Bar row bracket with chains

The chain and clamp slide on the weight end of the bar, so I can basically attach any grip. 

Rafs T-Bar Row bracket with hinge

It cost me about €25 to make my DIY t-bar row, and it bolts on the center docking system with the original t-piece. It works really wel. 

Rafs DIY Powertec T-Bar Row attachment
Rafs Powertec T-Bar Row Attachment

The hinge has enough room to move around, so the movement feels very natural.

I just wanted to share this home-made contraption of mine, since you post a lot of videos on Youtube that have given me extra exercises to do on the leverage gym .

Tomorrow is back day, so if  I get the chance, I’ll try and make a video of the t-bar in action.

Kind Regards,