Training for Natural Bodybuilding in a Home Gym

Can you train for natural bodybuilding in a home gym? If you are a serious weight trainer and are interested in setting up a home gym then read this document. Lance has competed for 13 years as a natural bodybuilder and has many titles to his credit. Even if you are not into competitive bodybuilding this testimonial demonstrates that the Powertec Multi System is much more than your run of the mill home gym

I have been training since the age of 17 years of age. I am now 37 years of age and have competed as a natural bodybuilder for the last 13 years. In the 13 years of competing I have had two children and set up a supplementation business. Plus I have won a number of natural bodybuilding titles including: 5 overall state titles and Australian title and an Asia Pacific title to name a few.

Competitive Bodybuilders Can Train at Home

Prior to competing in 2008 I would always train at a commercial gym. I thought that I needed a huge amount of equipment to prepare for an Australian title. How wrong I was!

In April 2008 I came across Sam’s Fitness via a mutual friend. I am involved in managing a number of gyms in the Hunter region that have budgets for gym equipment. I always advised them on which gym equipment to get for their personal training studios.

However, I was not aware of Sam’s fitness until earlier this year. I had a look at the Powertec and Ironmaster range of gym equipment and was extremely impressed with the multi gym setup in particular.

A Fair Dinkum Natural Bodybuilding Home Gym

My previous experiences of home gyms was that they did not allow for enough weight. Plus they were too flimsy and could not manage any extra weight. Also their range of movement was nowhere near biomechanical requirements for the major lifts.

Enter the Powertec Multi System. I was so impressed with it that I purchased one for home to use for myself. I have a young family so I wanted to be home with the family more and this allows me to train to prepare for competition. Here are my main exercises on the Powertec Multi System.

Upper Body Exercises

Bench press: This includes incline, decline and flat bench.

Shoulder press: I set the bench to 3 different angles to vary the muscle fibers activated for this exercise.

Lateral pull down. This can be performed either facing the centre of the machine or looking away from the machine. Each position hits an entirely different part of the latissimus dorsi.

wb-ms16 powertec multi system shoulder press

Bicep Preacher: There are 3 different angles that I use on the preacher bench to hit central, lower and middle of the bicep. I also change positions of the elbows on the padding to incorporate inner and outer head of the bicep. There is an insane feel on this exercise.

Tricep Pushdown: An attachment is added to the lat pull down to enable this exercise to be carried out. This is an extremely smooth movement really hits the outer head of the tricep.

Rows: Using the bench press part of the machine you can perform rows for lower back, upper back, traps, excellent variety allowed for with this part of the machine.

Abdominal crunches: This exercise requires focus on behalf of the trainer. You need to activate abdominals prior to the movement; if you do this you will get great results from this exercise.

Lower Body Exercises

Squat: The squat incorporates a bit of the hack squat movement as well as the front squat movement. The knees are in the best bio mechanical position I have ever felt for any machine for legs. This is a big wrap as knees are problematic for me. The back is also well supported with this exercise.

wb-ms16 Powertec Multi System Squats

Leg extension: Once again for a home gym this exercise is ridiculous it isolates the vastus medialis like nothing else; you have to try this one.

Leg curl: You have to make sure that you knee is in the correct place just below the padding on this one to hit the middle of the hamstring. If you persevere with this exercise you will hit the spot and get a great feel out of the exercise.

Calf raises: This exercise for calves is better than any commercial gym. The range of motion allowed for on this exercise and the positioning of the calf muscle is perfect. If you like calves like me you will love this.

Several other exercises can be performed on this machine as well; you just need to use your imagination and experiment with the machine. However, every part of the body can be trained using the powertec multigym, chest, shoulders, traps, biceps, triceps, quads, hamstrings, and lats.

Above is a brief outline of what I do on the Powertec Multi System. However, as I am doing competitive natural bodybuilding in a home gym I found a need to do a little bit more than the average trainer. I need to isolate and refine a number of different muscle groups to ensure separation of muscle, striation of muscle and muscle conditioning. 

What a great wrap up of the Powertec Multi System by one of Australia’s most successful natural bodybuilders. Thanks for that Lance and all the best in your bodybuilding endeavors.