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You don't need to enjoy looking tanned and oiled blokes in budgie smugglers to have an interest in body building. If you are currently weight training with a view to improving your body shape you are doing a form of bodybuilding. We will providing information on natural and non tested bodybuilding federations. These bodybuilding resources will provide some valuable information for your weight training. Plus provide some much needed motivation - especially for those training in home gyms

We have been meaning to expand on our Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment videos for a while now. The old videos have been and still are great, and have a following worldwide now. So when we decided to update them we thought we would do something special for our loyal customers.  ..
Lee Priest is making his come back at the Sacramento Pro Show on the 7th November 2010. Sam's Fitness is proud to be supporting Lee for this show. We would wish him luck but when you see the shape he is in, he wo't be needing any luck.......Lee has been doing some guest posing lately. For..
Well Tony Doherty has done it again, assembling another top line up for the 2010 Australian Pro Grand Prix 10. The 10th show is certainly shaping up as one of the best bodybuilding shows ever.Bannout, Moe Lebanon Hill, Daniel Germany Jeffers, Rusty USA Kingsnorth, Michael New Zealand Paunovic, Dr..
Sam's Fitness is once again proud to sponsor the 2010 Australian Pro Grand Prix 10. This is the highlight in the Australian Bodybuilding calender, so all you weight training enthusiasts get down to Melbourne and support this great show.  Well it is looking very much like I am going t..
I finally got around to editing the rest of the footage of IFBB Pro Ivan Sadek putting the Powertec Leverage Gym through its paces. This video will change your opinion on home gyms if you haven't seen a Powertec gym before. People are often concerned about the breaking strain of cabl..
Just thought I would do a quick review of Doherty's Gym - had an awesome workout there while we were down at the IFBB Aussie Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix. If I lived near Doherty's Gym I would never have started Sam's Fitness. Why would you train at home when you can train in a hardcor..
My highlight of the IFBB Australian Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix was the pro debut of Ivan Sadek. His 5th placing at his pro debut and to be on the same stage as Toney Freeman, Kai Greene and Silvio Samuel and not look out of place is a truly amazing effort. On top of that Ivan is a true gentl..
Sydney Bodybuilding fans and weight trainers, here is your chance to see Toney "The X Man" Freeman. You have all heard me dribbling on about this bloke, so if you ca't get down to the Melbourne Pro Show come along to the IFBB Australiasian 2009 at Sharkies Leagues Club to see this m..
Aussie yobbo humour, childish bagging of mates and sexual innuendo - Hardcore Aussie Muscle is a literary masterpiece. In an age where political correctness is sapping the fun out of the Australian way of life Hardcore Ausse Muscle is a refreshing change and a bloody good laugh. Now allow me ..
I just thought I would add a small bio of Lee Priest's achievements for our customers who do't know, or would like to know more about a fair dinkum bodybuilding champion. If Lee Priest played cricket, tennis or golf he would be a household name in Australia. However despite his amazi..
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