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Best for gyms with budget & space constraints, the Megatec Half Rack offers an impressive 500kgs capacity & superior performance despite its compact size. Ideal for both beginners and advanced trainers alike.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint D = 96cm W = 121cm H = 212cm
Weight 54kgs
Inclusions Multi grip chin up bar, 1 pair of j-hooks & spotter bars, 30mm weight storage horns
Weight Load Capacity Total Load Capacity = 500kgs J Hooks = 250kgs Spotter Arms = 250kgs Chin Up Bars = 200kgs Weight Storage Horns = 125kg each
Colour Black
Warranty 10 year structural warranty, 2 years on parts, 1 year on grips and pads. Warranty is for original purchaser only and does not cover commercial use.
Construction 60mm x 60mm structural steel. Hole size - 21 mm.
Carton Size Carton 1: 215cm x 31cm x 20cm

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Detailed Description

Tight on space? The Megatec Half Rack will be the answer to your prayers! With a depth of only 96cm, this half rack is perfect for the home gym enthusiast who is running out of room. 

  1. Heavy Duty - Load capacity of 500kgs! Just because it is compact doesn't mean you can't train hard.
  2. Space saving design - Depth of only 96cm, but still up for serious training.
  3. Solid construction - made from 60mm x 60mm structural steel.
  4. Barbell protection all round - J-hooks have protective sleeve. Spotter arms have 10mm thick rubber strip.
  5. Multi grip chin up bar - wide grip, neutral grip, close grip and angled.
  6. Spotter arms - 30cm in length for safe training without a partner.
  7. 26 adjustment positions spaced 50mm apart - place your j-hooks & spotters in the perfect position for your different exercises. Suitable for squats, bench press, shoulder press, incline bench press, decline bench press and more!
  8. Weight plate storage - 30mm steel horns to store your plates. You can purchase optional 50mm Olympic sleeves if required.
  9. Optional lat tower available - want to expand your workouts, you can add a high/low pulley lat tower (sold separately)
Megatec Half Rack

Compact Half Rack

We are finding that there is an increasing demand for quality solutions to space constraints in home gyms. So a quality and safe free weight training system like the Megatec Half Rack are rapidly growing in popularity. You can hide one of these up in the back of your garage, or corner in a spare room and still get a quality free weight workout with safety.

The more you learn about weight training, the more you realise how simple it is. If you work hard on your compound movements like bench press (flat, incline or decline), squats, chin ups and rows/deadlifts you are going to build strength and size. 

But if you are training in a gym where there is more talk than lifting, you might be struggling to do these essential movements. So having the ability to perform these in the comfort and convenience of your own home is a massive bonus. You can stick to a program where you progress in weight, focus on lifting heavier without having to rush through your workout.

half rack home gym

Take it up a notch!

The best part of the Megatec Half Rack is that if you want to add variety to your compound training you have the ability to add the Lat Tower Option (which is sold separately). This bolts straight up to the rack and will allow you to do all manner of cable exercises like lat pulldowns, seated rows, tricep pressdowns, cable curls and many more. With this addition your Half Rack becomes the ultimate compact free weight training system!

Just like the half rack, the lat option is of the highest quality - uses similar components to that used on the Barbarian Lat Machines. So you can use plenty of weight while still having a smooth and direct resistance - this is really what sets these racks apart from the competition.

Finally if you want to add a dip option, the Ironmaster IM1500 dip handles (sold separately) work a treat on the Megatec Rack. So along with the chin up bar which comes standard, you can have a great body weight workout too!

compact free weight gym

Additional Information

Note: Weight plates, barbell and lat option all sold separately.

Down the track, if you can allocate some more space to your gym, you can add the Lat Tower Option (sold separately). 

The Megatec Half Rack is designed to be used in conjunction with the Megatec Multi Bench. The Megatec Bench can shift backwards so you can use the back rest for shoulder press. If like Arnold, you don't mind doing shoulder press with a flat bench, you can use other benches. 

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