ATX® Power Rack PRX-755SD with Pin Loaded Lat Tower


ATX® Power Rack PRX-755SD with Short-Distance Spacing & Pin Loaded Lat Tower option – all you will ever need from a cage + more!


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The ATX® PRX-755 Power Rack features short distance spacing, a multi-grip chin up bar, flip down spotters and a quality Pin Loaded Lat Tower Option with high and low pulley.

ATX® Power Rack PRX-755SD with Pin Loaded Lat Tower Key Features

  1. Extremely stable thanks to high base weight of 129 kgs (excluding attachments).
  2. Reinforcement plates at the bottom of the uprights for additional stability improvements.
  3. 1500 kgs safe working load.
  4. Free-Standing design with anti-slip feet which can be removed if you want to slide the rack around your gym.
  5. High-Tensile Strength M20 & M12 (20/12 mm thick) hardware.
  6. Certified for Commercial Use by European standards – EN 20957 I.II.IV – S.

The Power Rack comes with a pair of ATX® PRX J-Hooks V 70mm.

Which are manufactured out of 10 mm thick solid steel sheet and feature a 12 mm thick rubber strip for barbell knurling protection.

There are two optional J-Hooks which are compatible with this rack:

ATX® Roller J-Hooks Universal (ATX-FH7-ROL)



Heavy Duty J-Hooks

The short distance spacing was first put into effect by Westside Barbell owner Louie Simmons.

The 2.5cm spacing is half the length of standard spacing and allowed equipped powerlifting and bench press enthusiasts to minimize the distance lifted between unracking the barbell and the starting position, helping them save that extra bit of energy.

The shorter centre distance between the adjustment positions also allowed the lifters to find the correct height for the safety spotter arms & bars.

Short Distance Spacing

This Power Cage System comes with Flip Down Spotter Bars ATX-FDSS-70 ‐ Made from thick steel sheets with 12 mm thick rubber strip for barbell protection. Rated to 500kg.

But it is also compatible with:

Pin Pipe System ATX-PPS-70 ‐ made out of a solid 20 mm thick steel bar and 6 mm thick rubber sleeve. Rated to 600 kgs

Belt Strap System ATX-STR-X7-70 ‐ Made from 2-ply 70 mm wide nylon strap with thick steel buckles which feature nylon strips for rack paint protection. Rated to 500kg.

The power cage comes with:

Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar ATX-PRX-750-PUL-1  ‐ Six different grip positions. With Fat (42mm) and Regular (27mm grip) thickness. Rated to 160 kgs.

But you can choose to upgrade or downgrade the chin up bar:

Single Chin Up Bar ATX-PRX-750-PUL-3 ‐ 27 mm grip diameter. Rated to 160 kgs.

Indexing Multi-Grip Chin Up BaráATX-PRX-750-PUL-M ‐ eight adjustment positions and five grip variations allow you to have up to 40 different grip positions. The unique design means it will only take you a few seconds to change the grip width. Rated to 160 kgs.

This rack is constructed from a 70 mm x 70 mm steel tube with a 3 mm wall thickness.

The rack uses a mix of high tensile industrial-grade M20 and M12 hardware to keep it in place.

Laser Engraved scaling for easier hole identification.

The ATX® PRX Lat Tower Option offers 1:1 ratio. This means that you don’t lose any weight to the mechanical advantage while lifting.
ATX® ditched the tube construction for the guiderails and instead opted for 20 mm thick hard-chrome coated rods. This provides you with stability and silky smooth movement.
Genuine 160kg weight load capacity. Each and every piece in ATX® range has been tested and is rated for safe working load and not the breaking point.
Padded knee locks & rubber footrests for optimal comfort during heavy training.
Heavy-duty dual bearing pulleys for even smoother operation.

Adjustable Knee Rests

You can attach the weight plate holders straight to the uprighs:

  1. ATX® Weight Plate Pins 220 mm (ATX-WPP-220)
  2. ATX® Weight Plate Pins (ATX-WPP-810)

Or to the ATX® 750 Rack Extension (ATX-EXT-PRX-750)

22 cm long Olympic Weight Horns


Product Specifications

Rack Series









Base Rack, J-Hooks, Lat Tower, Weight Stack



Safe Working Load





5 Years – T & Cs


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