2020 Christmas Opening Hours
For the first time since I started I have decided to close down over Christmas. We are closed from the 20th December and will re-open on the 4th January.We are doing this for several reasons:Our stock levels are still low. We will go hard before we close, hopefully get some containers during th..
TNT has recently dropped a bombshell right before Christmas with less than a week's notice. They are making massive increases to their residential delivery fee charges. For items that are over 100kg in chargeable weight, they will incur an ADDITIONAL charge (as well as the normal freight charge) of ..
What is Westside Spacing, and is it really a must have?
For all our lives we have been led to believe that every single inch counts. Hopefully, after reading this article you will reconsider.If you are new to gym equipment and looking at power racks and talking to an equipment aficionado, you will probably hear “Westside Spacing” and how important it is...
What is Weightlifting?
Competitions of who can lift the heaviest weight have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It can be traced back to Ancient Greece, Egypt, and China. So, it’ safe to say that showing off by lifting heavy weights is embedded in our DNA. After all, it is the purest test of strength..
Upright Row Exercise Variations
Upright rows are one of the key exercises to developing a strong upper back and shoulders. Weightlifters have been doing a variation of this exercise to strengthen and prepare their upper body for both the Clean and Jerk, and Snatch. Even though you should not be performing the upright rows in the ..
Dumbbell Pec Flys
Let us be honest. Even if your primary goal is strength, packing on a bit of size in all the right places is an added bonus. Except for maybe your guns, there is no better place for bulging muscle than your chest. Is there a better feeling than at the end of a chest workout, when you pump out some d..
Train Rear Delts with Dumbbells
Shoulders can often be neglected by some weight trainers. Exercises like rear delts which target specific areas of the shoulder can be conveniently overlooked. This is not surprising since most training programs feature a shoulder/back day on Friday – the day when everyone feels too tired/sick to tr..
Smith Machine Bench Press
Smith machines have always been the source of mixed reviews and conjecture, yet gym equipment manufacturers are still making them. There are obviously plenty of fans out there. I very well understand why some people might be discouraged from using the smith machine. Log on to any weight training for..
Smith Machine Biceps Drag Curls
Biceps seems to be a favourite muscle group to train, especially amongst those aspiring bodybuilders who want to build an impressive physique. Hence why the market is saturated with special harnesses, wraps and machines which are promising to give you a pair of 21-inch pythons in only six weeks.Trut..
Revolving Straight Bar Exercise Ideas
Some get a dopamine rush when purchasing gym equipment while others get a mad rush from the stress of trying to hide it from their spouses. Even though we stock over 40 cable accessories we do not believe that you should own all of them. You can keep it extremely simple and still have a wide range o..
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