Big thanks to Matt for sending a pic of his Barbarian Power Cage Gym. Matt has stepped up big time with this set up, going straight for the top shelf with the Barbarian Cage System. Like a lot of blokes that visit the showroom, he was blown away by the physical presence of the Barbarian cage - the pictures on the website don't do it justice. "Big Thanks to Francis, Matt & Sam for all your help,support and advice. Lovin my new Barbarian /Ironmaster / and Spud gear. Sam's Fitness is 100% recommended. "I'll be back"."..
Thanks to Alex for sending in a pic of his new Megatec Power Rack Gym. Alex was tight on space so opted for the 185cm Power Rack Barbell. This reduces the width required quite significantly in a small room. Morn Sam,Got it assemebled on the weekend and had the first workout yesterday. Couldn't be happier - See pic attachedAlex has squeezed most of this on 6 x 1m rubber tiles, given you a rough indication of the space required. This is all you need for years of quality training. ..
This is a great story, and one I have been meaning to post for ages. Tony came into my shop as a young bloke years ago. I am talking probably over 10 years! The Powertec gym equipment must have made quite an impression because when the opportunity presented itself, Tony set himself his dream home gym - after a very long wait!This is what Tony had to say about his new gym.....Hi SamI've been meaning to do this for a while now. Here's a pic of my setup in he garage. Let it be known in your description that I've been eyeing your equipment since when you were in St Peters. I couldn't purchase anyt..
What age to start weight lifting?
This is a question I hear from parents all the time.Unfortunately, the term weight lifting is surrounded by a lot of "fake news". What I mean by this, is that there are some common misconceptions about weight training that prevent kids from participating in a healthy, educational activity that's heaps of fun.These "Old wive's tales" result in many parents treating weight lifting far differently than they would any other form of physical activity.Of course parents are concerned for the welfare of their children, but the scrutiny that some apply to this activity far exceeds the norm. In reality ..
Colins New Free Weight Training Gym
Firstly, I am way behind with updates to our cool home gym section, so if you have got photos that you want to send in, please do. I am going to try and roll through a few gyms in the next couple of weeks. Colin's story is great. These days I don't do a lot of sales as the business has grown and my time is taken up with admin tasks. I have to bar myself from sales as I normally end up talking too long to customers. Then I run out of time to get all my other boring jobs done! But I love talking training, so it was great to get the time to chat with Colin and sort himself out a new gym, but..
Power rack workouts for great results
Introduction If you are currently researching a gym equipment purchase, you are probably reading a lot of recommendations for power racks, especially on forums. And for good reason. In terms of functionality, safety and effectiveness – probably the most important factors in any fitness equipment purchase – the power rack would be one of the top-ranking selections in anyone’s books. So in this article you will see what all the fuss is about. If you have already purchased your power rack, we will hopefully show you a few extra tips and tricks to get the most out of your training experience. ..
Duanes Compact Ironmaster Gym
Big thanks goes out to Duane for sending in a picture and detailed review of his Ironmaster gym. Duane pretty much nails what home gym life is all about. But first here is a picture of his pride and joy...Hi Sam,Attached is a photo of my gym. I have a large shed, but half of is gyprocked and makes a great man cave. I'm all about taking up as little space as possible with the gym gear. I've had the basic Ironmaster gear for years (maybe 5 yo 7 years) and its still going strong. When I had kids I bought home gym gear so I wouldn't be spending time after work at a commercial gym when the wif..
Ash and his new PT Studio Set Up
Big thanks to Ash sending in some pics of his new PT Studio set up. "Hey Sam & Matt,I have finished setting up the new kit. Here are some photos for you.Thanks heaps for the service and awesome kit, clients and I are gunna love it.Cheers guys!Ash"Often when we get Personal Trainers in the shop, they have long wishlists and it is easy for their budgets to get blown out. That is why I love Ash's set up. It is simple, very affordable but most importantly - HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. You don't need a room full of machines to be a great trainer. As a matter of fact I have seen some great train..
Cheynes Powertec Home Gym
Cheyne tagged me in a photo of his new Powertec Machine Gym a while back and I have been meaning to post it for months. What prompted me to pull the finger out was a customer who was after a complete home gym that didn't involve a power rack and barbells. The old Powertec LeverGym and a Leg Sled immediately sprang to mind. So here is Cheyne's set up....The Power Rack fan boys & girls will have their panties in a twist over this one. You can't possible get any gains without using a barbell and power rack they say. This is probably one of the greatest fallacies around. Yes free weight s..
Adams Fully Loaded Ironmaster Gym
Big thanks to Adam for sending in a pic of his fully loaded Ironmaster Gym. From what I can see he has got nearly every piece of Ironmaster gym equipment ever made!While most of us would be happy with the either an Ironmaster Half Rack Package, there are some more fussy people that would like an Ironmaster smith machine plus dumbbell gym. But Adam has splashed out and got both! The end result is one of the best Ironmaster home gyms I have ever seen. This is what Adam had to say.....Here is my Ironmaster setup!This takes up my double car garage. I'd still love to eventually put a full rack..
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