I’ve heard that if you want to bench more you have to bench more often. That is partly true. If you want to have bigger bench press you will have to perform different variations of it. Close grip, medium grip, wide grip and even flat, incline or decline. That’s a lot of pressing!Close grip bench pre..
1. What’s so special about incline dumbbell press?Incline dumbbell press has to be one of my favourite accessory exercises when it comes to chest training. I always seem to get a great pump after the exercise. Why is it so special?To start with it helps you to improve your shoulder stability as well..
1. Positioning.The Incline bench press can be a useful exercise to build the upper part of the chest if done correctly. First thing you should be aware of is the bench position. Set your bench between 30-45-degree angle (whatever is most comfortable for you). Anything higher will put more stress on ..
For the uninitiated, it might not seem like much. But for those of us who have toiled on the Iron for years, they are gifts from the Gods. 175kgs The Hard Way! The first part of the video shows a lift I completed at the start of my preparation for the World Bench Championships. It was 175k..
How to Bench Press 101
Learn how to bench press properly, from start to finish. It is a complicated lift, in order to perform it correctly you should know all the steps involved in heavy bench press.  Once mastered you will be able to get out of the poverty bench press zone and apply the principles to other lifts.&..
Replacement Gym Cables
Looking for a replacement gym cable? Unlike a lot of our competitors we like to make sure that our customers get years of use from their gym purchases. Our gyms are built to last, some are getting close to 15 years old and still going strong. After an innings this long they deserve a bit of a f..
World Classic Bench Press Championships Finland 2018
I’ve just came back from the World Classic Bench Press Championships which was held in Vantaa, Finland. It has been amazing experience to compete alongside world class athletes wearing green and gold. Massive thanks to Sam’s Fitness, everyone in Australian Powerlifting Union for making this happen a..
Bench Press Buyers Guide - Incline, Decline or Flat
Gym equipment can be confusing. We see it all the time. A customer comes into the shop looking for something they believe is a relatively simple choice, like a bench press, then they are confronted with several choices. Each option will have it’s pros and cons relative to each other. Their heads sta..
Big thanks to Raymond for sending in a pic of his new Barbarian Power Cage gym.  Raymond shopped around and saw some pretty big name racks, but came back to the mighty Barbarian. You simply can't beat this rack in terms of price and quality.Hi Mathew,Finally got a chance to clear out my ga..
Strength Training on your own Home Gym
We talk to a lot of people who read about the positive benefits of weight training and want to start training with their own home gym. So many training styles For those just getting started, the variety of different sports can make it difficult to know where to start. Bodybuilding, powerliftin..
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