The secret whole body exercise that fitness industry does not want you to know about
CrossFit, Pilates, Zumba, F45 all of them claim to offer the ultimate whole-body workouts. Yet they either have a high injury rate or fail to deliver the optimum results. We have been working with the Mr Universe Winner Lee Priest, who just happened to be the most successful bodybuilder in Australia..
Triceps Pushdown Exercises
I think it would be safe to say that triceps pushdowns are many people’s favourite triceps accessory exercise and for a good reason! It is relatively simple to perform, it works all three heads of your triceps and you would have endless variations of exercises for this muscle group.What is even bett..
Different ways you can do Concentration Curls
If done correctly, your regular concentration curls can do wonders for your biceps. The problem is that a lot of athletes are used to going heavy with their standing dumbbell and barbell exercises. The reason they can go so much heavier is that the weight load is being shared by a lot more muscle g..
How to do triceps dips?
Triceps dips are a simple yet highly effective exercise which does not require any special equipment. You can perform either on a bench/chair or got to your local park and find a set of dip bars. Even though it is a straightforward exercise there are a few tricks you should know to get the most out ..
Power Rack Jargon Explained
Being a non-native English speaker, I very well understand how it feels to be browsing a website and struggling to understand all manner of terminology. If you are relatively new to weight training, you might find yourself scratching your head when reading our site when we reference certain terms. P..
Lat Pulldown Variations
Lat Machines are one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment on the market, they allow you to perform hundreds of different exercises, which can target any muscle group in your body based on the accessories you have available.The best bit is that they allow you to gradually increase the resist..
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows
When you are first starting out, you try to copy other people in the gym, because you feel like you do not know what you are doing. The problem is that even some of the biggest looking bros do not even know what they are doing.If you spend your time learning how to perform the exercise with a correc..
Having a well-developed back is beneficial for you even if you are not planning on competing in bodybuilding competitions. It will improve your posture, reduce back pain, help you lift more weight and improve the stability in other exercises.Despite all the positives, it is not uncommon for beginner..
Beginner Powerlifting Program
Powerlifting was previously the cellar dweller of the strength sports. Olympic weightlifting used to get global coverage every four years with the Olympics. Bodybuilders gained exposure through tv shows and movies. Meanwhile, powerlifters were moving massive weights away from the public spotlight.Ho..
Dumbbell Exercises for your Triceps
It is great to hear that while the gyms were closed for months, people did not give up on training entirely. A fair few of them picked up home gym training! The only downside is a lot of the athletes did not know how to target a specific muscle group without the specialty machines from their local g..
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