Flat Dumbbell Chest Press
When I first started training over 10 years ago, my first serious training program included the flat dumbbell chest press exercise.As the years went by, my training goal shifted from getting big to being strong. What has not changed is the dumbbell chest press in my workouts.That is because the flat..
Chin Up Buying Guide
Do not be fooled, the simple chin-up bar can outperform some very expensive and complicated back machines. If done with correct form, pull-ups can be the best exercise you could do to have a well-developed back.It activates a ton of different muscle groups and even allows you to target a specific ar..
2021 UpdateSorry we are still not answering our phones. Our showroom is still closed. Please send any inquiries to Please do not come to the warehouse unless you have pre-arranged a pick up. We are sorry we have not turned our phones on. The reasons are many:We have no..
Fractional Plate Buying Guide
What are Fractional Plates? Fractional plates are small incremented plates that aid in building strength and with progressive overload - a better physique.They are under 5kg and come in 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 0.75kg, 1kg, 1.25kg and 2.5kg. Traditionally, they were added to the barbell to make very precise ..
Lee Priest's First MASS Program
The fans have spoken and Lee Priest has delivered, here is his first MASS PROGRAM. Below are all the secrets from Australia's best bodybuilder on how to pack mountains of muscle on to your physique. Whip yourself up a protein shake, sit down and take notes. Your journey to building your dream p..
Training to become a Powerlifting
Here is an introduction into my training log. I will share my training experience with you, and I will do my best to be completely transparent with everything that I do.Since I have been specializing in bench press my whole “Powerlifting Career” I have a lot of muscle imbalances. So please do not l..
Asia Pacific Classic Bench Press Championships
I have accepted my nomination to compete in the Asia Pacific Classic Bench Press Championships - Open 93kgs division. Previously I was a junior competitor, but now that I am 24 have to move up to the Open division. For those of you who aren’t followers of Powerlifting in Australia, this d..
Smith Cable Rack Buying Guide
Smith Cable Racks (SCR) – a Smith Machine, Half Rack and Functional Trainer combined into one compact unit – have grown in popularity in recent years. They offer an incredible amount of exercise variety in an extremely compact space. In my opinion this was the downfall of the early designs. Having ..
Drop Sets are for POSERS!
What I am talking about is the type of guy who drives to a nightclub, so he could take a pair of dumbbells in the boot of his car. Just like a leaking tire he must keep pumping to maintain his size. Don’t be this guy! I know there a lot of you out there, so I know I have got your attention. Listen ..
Mikes Shipping Container Gym
Big thanks to Mike for sending in a pic of his truly unique gym. Although it is not the first, they are still great to see, a cool home gym set up in a 40ft shipping container. With these gyms, length is not the issue, it is how you manage the space width wise.  The internal width of a s..
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