Hendos Home Gym
Big thanks to Hendo for sending in a pic of his home gym.Now Hendo's Powertec Multi System is old! But as we say Powertec gyms don't grow old, their owners just wear out! As you can see Hendo's is still in excellent condition along with his white stand Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells. These are very..
Micks Sick Multiplex Home Gym
Big thanks to Mick for sending in a pic of his Megatec Multiplex Home Gym set up with a nice twist....This one will get the Power Rack brigade's noses out of joint as it is a classic bodybuilding style set up. There isn't a better gym around for getting your pump on than the Megatec Multiplex Gym. A..
Big thanks to Kyle for sending in a pic of his Barbarian Smith Machine Gym. This is a great all round gym that offers more than meets the eye...The Barbarian Smith Machine Gym System is an old school Smith & Half Rack combo. As a smith machine is quite simply a beast. It's stability even without..
Firstly I just wanted give a massive thanks to Dave from Tasmania for taking the time to write such a long and detailed review. Selling gym equipment online is a tough gig, for reasons which I will expand on below. This sort of feedback is not only great for people looking to take the plunge into th..
ATX Blackline Cable Attachments
The new ATX Blackline Cable Attachments have been a real eye opener for not just our customers but also myself. Being a simple man with simple tastes, I go for the basic things in life. As long it functions right and is durable it gets a green light. To put it in perspective one of my favourite cars..
Big thanks to Simon from Ox Fit in Yackandandah for sending a new pic of his gym. Simon does Personal Training, and this is exactly the sort of gym I would like to go to. There is no fancy machines, just iron and steel. You know you will be in for a tough workout!This is what Simon had to say about ..
15yr Old Boy Crushed by Barbell: Training Safely in the Gym

A 15 year old boy from Brisbane Queensland has tragically passed away after being trapped under a barbell. It is just so heart breaking to see such a promising life ended so young. But when someone loses their life in such tragic  circumstances, it's important we learn from it to avoid it ever happening again. But in doing so, we must make sure the action is balanced and rational, not a bunch of media hype and knee jerk reactions.

Big thanks to Matt for sending a pic of his Barbarian Power Cage Gym. Matt has stepped up big time with this set up, going straight for the top shelf with the Barbarian Cage System. Like a lot of blokes that visit the showroom, he was blown away by the physical presence of the Barbarian cage - ..
Thanks to Alex for sending in a pic of his new Megatec Power Rack Gym. Alex was tight on space so opted for the 185cm Power Rack Barbell. This reduces the width required quite significantly in a small room. Morn Sam,Got it assemebled on the weekend and had the first workout yesterday. Couldn't..
This is a great story, and one I have been meaning to post for ages. Tony came into my shop as a young bloke years ago. I am talking probably over 10 years! The Powertec gym equipment must have made quite an impression because when the opportunity presented itself, Tony set himself his dream home gy..
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